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Christian Schemm is a music producer and audio engineer born in germany in 1981. As a guitarist, trumpet player and singer he joined more than 1000 gigs & concerts in different music styles from classical up to rock/pop & metal since 1997.

As producer, engineer and songwriter he operates the recording / mixing studio & music label AUDIOFACHWERK ( in franconia, germany. His production „Ich klopfe an“ for Birgit Bachstein received the German Rock & Pop Award for the best produced german language CD album in 2013.

Christian is CEO of Schemm Pro Audio and developed the revolutionary robotic microphone system STEREOBLADE which is the high end solution in positioning microphones for stereo recordings.

Because of his interest in acoustic design Christian planned and constructed next to his own recording studio also acoustic modules and control rooms for friends and colleagues.


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The Stereoblade is an automatable microphone bar. With it sound engineers receive for the first time the possibility to try out different microphone positions without having to leave for it the listening place. Differences in sound can be compared so directly and be judged on a real-time basis. With an intuitively working remotesoftware (on tablet, smartphone or computer) the most stereo techniques can be placed in current time. Besides, the system allows millimetre-exact positioning of the microphones by manual input. Inclination, opening corner, height correction and capsule distance of the microphones can be started easily and if necessary be stored away directly as a Preset.

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